3-D says the decision to release 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over)' is "utterly repugnant"...

Massive Attack have condemned the decision to release a POP IDOL version of John Lennon‘s single ‘HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER)’ this Christmas, calling it “utterly repugnant as a choice of song by anyone right now”.

The band have joined up with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in opposing the single and are calling for all profits from the sale of the CD to go to humanitarian aid organisations working in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Massive Attack‘s 3-D said: “This is a new low – it is utterly repugnant as a choice of song by anyone right now. US planes bombed and killed children in Afghanistan this week, US troop deaths since May have topped 200 and there have been thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties since Bush declared the war to be over.”

Kate Hudson, CND Chair, said: “This move is both insensitive and offensive to those that have lost friends and family in the war.”

However CND said that they have not heard the single and has no criticism of the singers or their ability.