It is the first time the promos will be commercially available on one body of work - and they'll come in a clear plastic cover...

MASSIVE ATTACK are set to release a compilation of 11 of their videos on a career spanning DVD on November 5.

It is the first time the videos will be commercially available on one body of work. All videos are full length, director’s cuts, rarely see in their entirety. ‘Angel’ has never been seen by the viewing public.

Packaging for the DVD will be a simple, clear plastic cover. Frontman 3D explained the thinking behind the presentation. “I wanted to undesign it rather than design it, the reason being that this is a retrospective work – it’s a collection of videos from the last three albums and I felt that no one piece of artwork could summarise the work that we’ve done,” he said. “So I decided to minimise it and take away all the packaging so that it almost looks like data. This is in keeping with the feel of the DVD generally. I didn’t want to do loads of extras; I just wanted to keep it simple on every level. But if anyone is really inclined, they can go to the website and download their own artwork.’


The DVD will feature two web-links, one to a microsite containing exclusive artwork and images from which users can choose and download their own cover images; the second link is to >Massive Attack ‘s website.

All royalties from the DVD will go to the Red Cross.

The tracklisting is as follows:

‘Daydreaming’: Release date: 15/10 90 Director: Baillie Walsh

‘Unfinished Sympathy’: Release date 11/2/91 Director: Baillie Walsh

‘Safe From Harm’: Release date: 28/5/01 Director: Baillie Walsh


‘Be Thankful For What You’ve Got”: (B side of ‘Hymn Of The Big Wheel’) Release date: 10/2/92 Director: Baillie Walsh

‘Sly’: Release date: 17/10/94 Director: Stefan Sedanoui

‘Protection’: Release date:9/1/95 Director: Michel Gondry

‘Karmacoma’: Release date: 20/3/95 Director: Jonathan Glazer

‘Rising Son’: Release date: 7/7/97 Director: Walter Stern

‘Teardrop’: Release date: 27/4/98 Director: Walter Stern

‘Angel’: Release date: 13/7/98 Director: Walter Stern

‘Inertia Creeps’: Release date: 19/10/98 Director: Wiz


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