The 'Peace Not War' disc has eveolved from a bedroom production into a global phenomenon...

Over 300 bands, from Massive Attack to bedroom-studio musicians, have joined forces to support the ‘PEACE NOT WAR’ movement, with the best tracks compiled on a double CD due for release on June 2.

The ‘Peace Not War’ album has evolved from a burned-CD production in an east London living room to a double-album with American, Australian and UK bands as diverse as Public Enemy, Alabama 3, Yo La Tengo, [a][/a] and Miss Dynamite donating their music.

Billy Bragg, who also appears on the record, said, “Protest music was prematurely declared to be unfashionable: hearing these songs might help people who feel ambiguous about it make a conscious decision to oppose the war.”


A further 300 anti-war songs by both signed and unsigned musicians from around the world are featured on the movement’s website [url=]>

The CD was produced and funded by Australian musicians Kelly and Mudge, with no organisational backing. Each country funds its own peace groups, so American, Australian and UK peace groups are already selling the CDs themselves at demonstrations, as well as receiving proceeds from record store sales.

Kelly and Mudge said, “We’ve been overwhelmed by over 300 submissions by CD and MP3 so far, so we’re considering producing a series of other Peace Not War compilations: hip-hop, acoustic, electric, dance, classical, French… and maybe an online radio station.

“Some of the most interesting, funky and emotive tracks were done in bedroom studios,” they added. “We want to hear everyone’s songs about stopping war and making peace, and we’ll put them on the website, as well as considering them for another CD (although we won’t publish songs which condone violence from any side of a conflict).”

Any prospective demos should be sent to:

Peace Not War


PO Box 44212


E3 4WB

Respected war journalist John Pilger said: “The Peace Not War CD is vital to the grass roots opposition to war, conquest and occupation. Censorship of anti-war music by the BBC, MTV and other media is all the more reason for doing it yourself.”