The band act days after3-D called on artists to oppose military involvement by "taking out ads in the NME"...

Massive Attack have signed a CND petition aimed at opposing the prospect of a new war in IRAQ.

As previously reported, bandmember 3-D called on UK acts to oppose the proposed British backed US attack on Iraq by “taking out ads in the NME”.

In a previous posting on the band’s official website he said he wants artists to come together and show their opposition to any British involvement in the prospective military campaign aimed at driving out Saddam Hussein.

In a new posting, 3-D said he has signed the petition that will be given in at the forthcoming Labour Party Conference or at Downing Street towards the end of next month.

He wrote: “There will be a demonstration in London on September 28. Still working to create the NME ads with CND drumming up money and support from other bands/ artists. Any petitions or publicity for this campaign is gonna give us as groups or individuals a voice.”

To add your name to the petition, [url=]click here.