3-D proposes that stars make their feelings know via our pages...

Massive Attack‘s 3-D.has called on other UK acts to oppose the proposed British-backed US attack on Iraq by “taking out ads in NME”.

In a posting to fans on the official Massive Attack website, Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja wants artists to come together and show their opposition to the any British involvement in the prospective military campaign aimed at driving out Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Del Naja wrote: “We will try and create a petition against attack on Iraq and any British involvement by taking out ads in NME on behalf of as many British bands as we can get together – this is a CND-backed effort. We cannot sit back and watch the USA murder more people in their effort to secure the Middle East oil/power.”

Meanwhile the star also confirmed that Massive Attack are still in the process of completing their long-awaited new album, the follow-up to 1998’s ‘Mezzanine’. 3-D said: “We’ve started writing new songs for the album. October, November, Jan/Feb are reserved for recording. Artwork is shaping up to be fucking interesting too. All the song titles – but no album title.”

The star also disclosed that he is hoping to “get a reasonable budget to commission and make small film pieces for the tracks we don’t do videos for”, as well as an official band book.