The founder member has reportedly "been out of the picture for 12 months"...

Massive Attack‘s new album may not feature any vocals from founder DADDY G, as he has “been out of the picture for 12 months”.

In a posting to fans on the official Massive Attack website, Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja revealed that the record, which is now “75%” mixed, will feature vocals from him on four songs, three with [a][/a] and two with long-time collaborator Horace Andy. In addition, it will feature a reworking of the band’s ‘Black Milk’, which originally appeared on their 1998 album ‘Mezzanine’.

Other founding member Daddy G, aka, Grant Marshall, whose vocals helped define the group’s sound on early records ‘Blue Lines’ and ‘Protection’, will not contribute. However, 3-D said that when they start work on a new album, he will be “back on the case”.

He wrote: “Sadly no Gee vox on this album, He has been out of the picture (on this album) for 12 months now but will be back on the case next album. But he is a very happy father now…”

Speaking about the general progress of the record, he added: “It’s the last week in Olympic (studios). No we gonna do three weeks in Bristol. Have mixed the tracks to 75%. Now final arrangements.”

The band are looking at three different choices as a possible single, which could be released after the summer. The album will see the light of day “very soon” according to 3-D, although a firm release has not been set.

NME.COM contacted their label’s new media department, who are currently unable to confirm the posts to be authentic.