Just copying Moby now then?...

Massive Attack have recruited O’Sinead Connor to provide vocals on their long-awaited new album.

The record, the follow-up to 1998’s ‘Mezzannine’, is now due for release this autumn. Speaking in an interview on the official Massive Attack website,, groupmember Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja said that working with the vocalist fulfils a long-held ambition for the group.

He commented: “We’ve streamlined (the album) to a 12 track situation; whittled it right down from about 850 tracks…We’ve done a couple of tracks with O’Sinead Connor which sound really good. They’re quite a departure for her. She’s done two very beautiful songs; one’s very political, one more personal.

“We’d been talking about working with Massive Attack since before ‘Protection’ came out…she’s a very cool person, very sound. We did a couple of days in London with her last year and then she came to Bristol for two more days in January. “

Del Naja said that another one of the new songs is a progression from the track ‘Inertia Creeps’, and has “got quite a mystical, Eastern feel”. They’re also working on string arrangements with Craig Armstrong.

Massive Attack are also planning “ambitious” live shows following the release of the record which have an “events” feel to them.

He continued: “We’ll finish the album and then take all the computer data on stage with us; the sounds, guitar, bass, keyboards, whatever. It will almost be like remixing the tracks live on stage as we play them.

“It’s all coming full circle really. The deck thing was part of our heritage, the sound system was the basis of our performance and we then built a live show on the top of that. But what I don’t think we’ve ever brought to the live arena is the studio aspect to it.”