The star claims that the ad he and Damon Albarn took out in NME led to 18,000 people signing a petition opposing war in Iraq...

ROBERT ‘3-D’ DEL NAJA has claimed his and DAMON ALBARN’s anti-war adverts made for 18,000 extra signatures on a petition against war in Iraq – and has appealed for other musicians to join his cause.

As previously reported, 3-D teamed up with Damon Albarn in designing and financing a number of adverts that recently appeared in NME – aimed at raising awareness of opposition to any British involvement in a US led attack on Iraq.

Albarn and 3-D are working with CND and the ‘Stop The War’ coalition, who are organising an awareness campaign at the potential perils of such a strike.

Writing to fans on, 3-D proclaimed their attempts a success. He wrote: “CND called to say the ads myself and Damon took out in the NME were responsible for over 18,000 extra signatures on the petition against the war on Iraq.”

He also hit out at those who have criticised his actions, both in the music community and outside of it. He continued: “Any stubborn lifeless lazy or cowardly people who have visited this messageboard with dumbstruck negativity – indeed to the silent majority of my peers in music – I hope you can reconsider your position and use the little power you have now, not at a safe distance later. Do not wait until your only option is to support the Red Cross after the massacre.”

3-D recently told NME.COM he intends to take out more adverts to show his opposition to the war.