Robert '3-D' Del Naja intends to continue his opposition to conflict in Iraq...

ROBERT ‘3-D’ DEL NAJA has told NME.COM he intends to take out more adverts to show his opposition to war in IRAQ.

As previously reported, 3-D teamed up with Damon Albarn in designing and financing a number of adverts that recently appeared in NME – aimed at raising awareness of opposition to any British involvement in a US led attack on Iraq.

Albarn and 3-D are working with CND and the ‘Stop The War’ coalition, who are organising an awareness campaign at the potential perils such a strike.

In an e-mail, the Massive Attack star says that he wants to take out other, “more direct” adverts in the coming months. It is currently unclear if he intends to place them in future issues of NME.

In other news, 3-D recently told NME.COM he has finished work on the long-awaited follow-up to ‘Mezzannine’. The currently untitled album is due for release on January 27, with a tour scheduled to promote it worldwide.