Band frontman 3-D describes day as "inspiring"...

Massive Attack‘s 3-D joined an estimated 200,000 people in LONDON today (September 28) to walk through the city campaigning against the proposed US-led bombing of Iraq.

Massing at Embankment by the Thames around noon, the massive crowd snaked their way through central London past the Houses Of Parliament and onto Hyde Park. A host of speakers, including veteran MP Tony Benn and journalist John Pilger addressed the crowd in Hyde Park.

Wearing T-shirts bearing the Wrong War slogan, 3-D and friends marched carring huge six-feet square placards calling for the US to reconsider bombing.

“It’s really inspiring and empowering to see such a large variety of people here,” 3-D told NME.COM. “We have to do everything we can to stop this going ahead.”

Today’s march was organised by the Stop The War Coalition, assembled by leftist, pacifist and Muslim groups. A further day of opposition, Don’t Attack Iraq Day Of Action, is planned for October 31.