A posting on the group's website sparks rumours that the group are in crisis talks...

Internet rumours are growing that Massive Attack‘s future could be in doubt after a posting on the group’s website claimed a meeting is to take place today to “discuss the future of the band”.

Their delayed new album, the long-awaited follow-up to 1998’s ‘Mezzannine’, has suffered setbacks throughout the recording process, with Grant Marshall, aka Daddy G and Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja trying to whittle down the huge volume of songs they recorded down to a definitive album length.

Things appeared to be on the mend in recent months. The band excitedly announced they had been working with Sinead O’ Connor, and a brand new song, ‘I Against I’ featuring Mos Def, was premiered on the band’s official website.

In a posting on that website,, a user claiming to be band member 3-D said he and Daddy G, are meeting today (May 24) to “discuss the future of the band” – as they have been out of contact for “six months”.

The user wrote: “Me and he are meeting on Friday to discuss the future of the band. I’m often asked why I don’t mention Gee in (my updates). Well I ain’t seen or spoken to the man in six months until 2 days ago. We have a lot to sort out. I think it can be positive but some reality has to surface and much pride will need to be swallowed.

“Making an album, a great album takes all your time, concentration, imagination, dedication, etc. A day a month will not do it. If this band is to continue it has to be more fair. I’m often accused of being manipulative, stubborn and difficult. I won’t deny any of it but the reality is that is how Massive Attack survived beyond ‘Blue Lines’. I sometimes feel is should have ended after that project. Me, Gee and Mushroom are so different and so proud. Fuck knows how we did ten years.”

Despite repeated calls to a UK spokesperson for the band for confirmation on the authenticity of the posting, it is unclear if it really is by 3-D. However, it is yet to be taken down, and regular users on the messageboards are taking it seriously.

One commented: “Will this mean the end of Massive Attack or just perhaps the departure of Gee? It’s like this is all tumbling apart around me, or am I just going over the top? There’s so much I want to say, but have no idea where to begin putting it to words.”

Their as-yet-untitled record is scheduled for release in September.