The band are unlikely to appear because they want their live return to be "really radical and different"...

MASSIVE ATTACK have been approached to appear at the TIBET FREEDOM CONCERT, but are unlikely to appear because they want their live return to be “really radical and different”.

Speaking in an interview on the official Masive Attack website [url=], the group’s Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja said that the band have received “all sorts of interesting offers” for their return to the live arena later in the year, but have so far not confirmed any appearances.

He said: “Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys really wanted us to get involved in the Free Tibet campaign. But, much as though we really wanted to get involved in that cause, the only way we’d want to go out live again is if we did something really radical and different.

“We caned all the festivals around ‘Mezzanine’ and we really worked that format. But you have to rewrite the script and start all over again and we won’t be ready to do that until we’ve defined the album. We’ve gone out live as DJs, with turntables, as a sound system, with instruments, without instruments and I think they’ve all been quite successful in their different ways. They all have their place so we’re not going to even predict which way we’re going to go.”

The band continue to work on the follow-up to their ‘Mezzanine’ album, although Del Naja confessed the band are still some way from completing the record.

He said: “We started to have great difficulty with all the things which came out of the Ridge Farm sessions …The difficulty is we don’t really have a lead vocalist in the band. I can only get away with doing about four or five tracks on each album before it gets too one-dimensional because of my limitations as a vocalist.”

Del Naja said that Masive Attack are still planning to use Liz Fraser and Hoarce Andy guest vocalists on the album. However, he said there is “a lot of waiting involved”.

He continued: “We’re not in a hurry to put anything out because, even though we know there’s a lot of really appreciative people out there, we’re a bit put off by the way the market is. We’re not in a hurry because we don’t feel like there’s any time frame we have to fit into.”

He added that the band still hope to release a record in the autumn, because if not, it will not be released until “spring 2002”.