Band tell NME about that Fergie incident and that they don't want awards from some "stupid wanker"

Massive Attack have toldNMEthat they were “set up” at the recent MTV Awards in Milan where they “insulted” SARAH FERGUSON, Duchess Of York.

“My vibe was that I wasn’t intentionally trying to humiliate anyone ‘cos she’s an easy fucking target,” said ROBERT DEL NAJA aka 3D. “I was just angry at the way we were set up by MTV. It wasn’t planned, it was just a response to a situation and I didn’t think of the consequences, it just happened, it was all over, I walked through the curtain and there was RONALDO and I shook his hand and I was happy as Larry but, y’know, that was it.”

He also told NME‘s SYLVIA PATTERSON that despite reports in the tabloids, he didn’t fall out with his parents over it. His father told The Daily Mail that he had insulted the Duchess as a “stunt” to promote the forthcoming Massive Attack tour and singles box set.


“He was on a damage limitation exercise! I think he imagined the pub windows going through!” he said. “They live in a pub, a fucking public gallery and they were blackmailed ‘give us something or we’ll write something else’, fucking ridiculous, I tell you, I was glad I was out of the country…”

Other members of the band not only supported 3D but were actually planning “insults” of their own and revealed that they came close to a similar moment of glory at the notorious 1996 Brits.

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“I don’t want to be given an accolade like that by a stupid wanker,” said GRANT MARSHALL aka DADDY G. “I had something else lined up I was gonna say, but he (3D) pipped me to it – I think we were all racing to the microphone, to be honest! The funny thing is, I was actually stood on the side of the stage when JARVIS went on at the MICHAEL JACKSON incident. I was holding Tricky’s hand ‘cos we were pissed out of our heads and I said ‘come on, let’s run on’ and, this is no bullshit, Jarvis Cocker just walked straight past and we couldn’t believe it! And it was absolutely brilliant!”

In the interview, which appears in NME (available tomorrow in London and on Wednesday nationwide), Massive Attack regale us with tales of absurd DONATELLA VERSACE parties, turning down a SOUTH BANK SHOW documentary and the madness of constant touring.

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