Massive "split" story came from flippant remarks not intended to be taken seriously...

Massive Attack have not split up despite an item on Radio 1 that was picked up by The Sun today stating that they had. Massive Attack, currently on a major European tour with UK dates in December, issued a statement this morning. The statement read as follows:

“Further to recent remarks in the media. Masssive Attack would like to state taht they are not splitting up. The comments made to Radio 1 were intended to be flipppant and not be taken literally. Massive’s remarks were made in response to the journalist’s cliched and tired questioning about the so-called “depressing” nature of ‘Mezzanine’. Massive Attack would also like to reiterate that the forthcoming UK tour is most definitely going ahead as is the release of the singles box set on December 7.”

Massive Attack have added for dates at the Bristol Anson Rooms on December 15, 16, 18 and 19.

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