The Tories used one of the group's tracks at the launch of their manifesto without the group's permission...

Massive Attack are to take legal action against the CONSERVATIVE PARTY for unauthorised use of one of their tracks during the press launch of the Party’s pre-election manifesto in BIRMINGHAM on Tuesday (September 5).

The duo, 3D and Daddy G, are livid that their track ‘Man Next Door’, from ‘Mezzanine’, was used to play Tory Party leader William Hague both onto the stage and again as he left.

The pair issued a statement expressing their rage at the illegal use and their intention to take action against the UK’s opposition party.


“We re completely fucked off with the Tories. How dare they use our music to promote their bullshit,” fumed the pair. They continued: “Massive Attack have not and will never support the Conservative Party or their policies. If our music has been used by the Tories it is without our knowledge or our permission. The mis-appropriation of our music by any organisation or broadcaster will be dealt with in the strongest way we can.”

A spokesperson for the band confirmed this morning (September 7) that they and their advisers were currently formulating exactly what form the legal action will take.

The news will come as a blow to the Conservative Party, who in recent weeks have appeared keen to court the sort of ‘cool’ members of the music and entertainment industries whose support added an extra edge to the Labour Party in their 1997 general election campaign.

However, while Prime Minister Tony Blair has, in the past counted on the backing of Noel Gallagher, ex-Creation Records boss Alan McGee and many A-list stars, the Conservatives have recently revealed that they can count on lap-dancing club owner Peter Stringfellow and ageing comedian Jim Davidson.

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