The band's new album is out in the Autumn - and they aim to "completely re-present" themselves when it comes to live shows...

MASSIVE ATTACK will release their new album in the autumn, and plan to “completely re-present” themselves for the live shows which will coincide with the record.

Speaking in a recent interview on the official Massive Attack website, [url=], Robert ‘3-D’ Del Naja said the band are “on course” to get their as-yet-untitled fourth album finished in the autumn.

He said: “We’ll probably do some live shows around that time as well. One thing we really want to do is completely re-present ourselves on stage and change the way certain instruments are used on certain tracks. There’s a chance we might do some of the summer festivals but it’s more likely we’ll do something big in the autumn instead.”

3-D said work on the new album remains “difficult and painstaking”, but added the results are going to be “wicked”.

He continued: “The vocal work is coming along quite tentatively at the moment. Liz Frazer and Horace Andy have each recorded vocals for two tracks and Daddy G and I have done about four or five. There’s other people we want to work with and we’re sending tracks to them at the moment.”

As previously revealed on NME.COM, Massive Attack have also collaborated with Blur mainman Damon Albarn on material, which may feature on the record. He isn’t thought to have contributed vocals.

Elsewhere, 3-D said the follow-up to ’98s ‘Mezzanine’ is taking a long time because “everyone’s really aware of not wanting to repeat themselves”.

He commented: “We always want to go into the studio and want to do something a bit different, otherwise, what’s the point of being there in the first place? We were working on a track the other day and Horace said it sounded a bit like ‘Angel’ and we all had to agree. We’re so aware of not wanting to repeat ourselves and that goes with all the people we work with. But it can be quite difficult because we’ve covered a lot of ground over the three albums and operated in a lot of musical areas.”