The No Limit Records boss vists kids in Chicago who were robbed after an elaborate scam...

Following the lead set by Nelly, MASTER P has become the latest hip-hop superstar to head into US high schools and encourage students to study hard.

The No Limit Records boss made a trip to North Side High School in Chicago last week where he spoke to pupils from five local schools telling them to stay in school and follow their dreams.

However, Master P’s reason for delivering his personal pep-talk was a little different than Nelly‘s. While multi-platinum seller Nelly pledged to play basketball with students in Missouri schools if test results improved and absenteeism dropped, Master P dropped in to raise spirits after a confidence scam. According to MTV, students at Orr High School in Chicago were duped last month by a woman from New Orleans who claimed to be a spokesperson for No Limit Records. She took orders for clothing and concert tickets, then ran off with $1,500 of the pupil’s cash without delivering the goods. The woman repeated the trick at five other local schools, including North Side High.


A local radio station heard what had happened, raised funds to return lost cash to the out-of-pocket fans and arranged for Master P and his son, the pre-teen rapper Lil’ Romeo, to visit and raise spirits.

Following his chat, Master P played basketball with Arne Duncan, the head of Chicago public schools.