Mastodon: ‘Our new album will inspire drunkenness and public nudity’

Frontman Brent Hinds reckons 'The Hunter' will 'get kids into trouble'

Mastodon have said that their new album ‘The Hunter’ will encourage their fans to get drunk and strip naked in public.

Guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds predicted that the LP will cause mayhem when it’s released later this year, telling Rolling Stone:

Kids are going to get into trouble to this album. They’re going to break speakers, pop springs on their beds and get drunk and nude in public.

The Atlanta band have been working on the record with producer Mike Elizondo at a studio in California previously used by Nirvana and Tom Petty.

“To be in a room where all that stuff went down is a big deal to us. We’re nerds like that,” drummer Brann Dailor added.

The album, which is the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Crack The Skye’, does not have a confirmed tracklisting yet, but the band have indicated that songs titled ‘Black Tongue’, ‘Blasteroids’, ‘All The Heavy Lifting’, ‘Curl Of The Burl’, ‘Dry Bone Valley’, ‘Stargasm’ and ‘The Octopus Has No Friends’ could all be included.

Hinds has previously told fans to expect a departure from their sludge metal sound on the record, describing it as “pretty different to anything we’ve ever done”.

You can watch Mastodon giving NME an exclusive look around their tour bus, featuring their very own Mastodon brand of beer, by clicking on the video below.