Muse’s Matt Bellamy buys his favourite guitar workshop in Devon

The workshop has made Bellamy's guitars for 20 years

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has bought the Devon workshop which has custom built his guitars for over twenty years.

It was revealed last night (June 7) by Devon based guitar manufacture, Manson Guitar Works, that Bellamy had become “a majority shareholder.”

Speaking about the purchase, Bellamy said: “I’m excited to be taking ownership of Manson Guitar Works and developing its potential in the future.

“Having played Manson Guitars since I was able to co-design my first custom guitar I have the best insight into the products.”

Adrian Ashton, CEO for Manson Guitar Works added: “This is an exciting development which will build on the great relationship we have developed with Matthew over two decades.”

Yesterday evening (June 7), the workshop tweeted: “We can finally share this amazing news with you all! We’re extremely excited to announce that Matt Bellamy is now the majority shareholder of Manson Guitar Works.

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

According to Devon Live, the shop’s current owner Hugh Manson, 65, will remain on as a consultant to the company as he semi-retires. The publication also reports that the company has recently moved to new premises in Ashburton which has seen an “increase in production and new models launched.”

Recently, Muse admitted that their current stage production for their ‘Simulation Theory’ world tour might finally be a step “too far”.

The band are renowned for their increasingly adventurous live shows, with their current tour featuring dancers, a BMX stuntsman, a brass band, lasers, huge screens and even a giant alien robot.

“Robots do appear at some point in the show, and, you know, they’re pretty threatening,” frontman Matt Bellamy told the Miami New Times. “I didn’t think we could go this far, but we’ve finally gone too far.

“At some point, you’ve got to find the limits of what you can do in a rock show. It feels like no one else is doing that in the world of guitar music. It feels pretty unique at the moment.”

Reviewing their show earlier this week, NME wrote: “The blockbuster concludes as the band tear into the beastly opening of ‘Absolution’ gem ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, there’s a puff of smoke before the giant robo-skeletal frame of Murph emerges from the back of the stage; jaws chomping as he claws at the crowd. What is happening? We don’t even know what’s real any more.

“The singularity is complete. Who else could do that but Muse? As London Stadium howls along to the fist-pumping closer of ‘Knights Of Cydonia’, everyone’s all a little lost in this otherworldly circus of the balls-out bombastic and the shamelessly epic. Now, back to reality…”

Muse play Manchester’s Etihad Stadium later today.