Matty Healy has revealed the song that perfectly sums up The 1975

He also addressed previous comments he made about fans being charged for meet and greets by artists.

Matty Healy has revealed the song that he thinks perfectly sums up The 1975 during an interview at Coachella this weekend (April 13).

Talking to Nicole Alvarez of KROQ backstage at the California festival, The 1975 frontman discussed everything from the band’s “bad” first appearance at Coachella to their new album, ‘A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships’. He also revealed which song he feels best represents the four-piece.

Asked which one song by The 1975 he would bury to be found later in life if the world were going to end, Healy began his answer by revealing that the only way he finishes songs is by thinking that way “because every time I get excited about a song I have to be like, ‘This is the song that is The 1975’.”


Taking a second to think about his answer, Healy then revealed: “I know that it should be ‘Love It If We Made It’ but I’d want it to be ‘Fallingforyou’…but that’s a more left field one.”

Watch the full interview below:

Ending the interview by addressing previous comments he had made about fans being charged for meet and greets with their favourite artists, Healy said that it was “weird” and that as a society we’ve now “normalised” it.

“What is it? Like 300 to a thousand bucks,” he asked Alvarez, before going on to say: “It’s just not cool because you’re making music exclusive and that’s not what music’s about. You’re saying to people, ‘This relationship that we have in art goes so far until you can’t afford it anymore.'”


Back in February, it was reported that The 1975 could be set to release new music as early as that month, according to the band’s manager.

With their new LP, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, due for release this summer, the band’s manager Jamie Oborne told fans that they could hear a slice of the new material very soon.

Posting on Twitter, a fan asked Oborne: “Is it true that The 1975 have a single out this month?” In response, Oborne tweeted: “We are working hard to get new music ready yes,” adding, “not sure about this month will depend if it’s ready.”