Matty Healy speaks out against charging fans for meet and greets

The 1975 frontman criticised the practice for "monetising human connection"

Matty Healy has spoken out against labels and bands who charge their fans for meet and greets.

The 1975 frontman aired his views on the practice on Twitter, starting a debate amongst his followers.

“Who came up with payed meet and greets?” He wrote yesterday (March 26). “Did they think ‘Surely there must be something else we can monetise……OH! Human connection!! They’ll eat that up!’”


He continued, writing in all capitals: “Meet your fans or don’t. Don’t only meet them if you’re getting payed honestly what are you doing.”

Healy picked up the thread again today, responding to someone who suggested paid meet and greets were “good for lower and up and coming artists”. “You can’t be big enough for people to want to pay to meet you whilst not being big enough to pay for touring,” he replied. “It’s a paradoxical excuse for making MUSIC EXCLUSIVE. ‘Rich kids, you line up on the left. Poor kids, just fuck off’.”

When another fan sided with him, saying the topic “shouldn’t be debatable”, Healy added: “I think the problem is that a lot of artists don’t understand how brutal it is, because MAJOR LABELS have normalised it. So MAJOR LABELS should change it.”


The frontman offered an idea of how to change companies’ views of meet and greets, writing: “They should make all fans pay in cash – directly to the artist. They should literally hand over the $200. Would soon stop.”

Meanwhile, in February, The 1975 renewed their record deal with Dirty Hit. The label has been the band’s home since 2012, when they released the debut EP ‘Facedown’ together. Label boss Jamie Oborne confirmed the new deal would see the band release at least another three albums with Dirty Hit.

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