Matty Healy teases details and artwork of The 1975’s “sort of emo” new album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’

"Coming soon"

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy has teased details and the artwork of the band’s upcoming new album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form‘.

After topping NME’s Albums Of The Year in 2018 with acclaimed third album ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships‘, the band have previously teased that their upcoming fourth album will have more of a British influence from artists such as The Streets and Burial.

Now in a new interview, Healy has elaborated on previous comments in a Reddit AMA that the album will be “sort of” emo.


“I’m an active emo man I suppose I’d call myself,” Healy told ALT 494. “I think that bands when they get to a stage that maybe we’re in they wanna kind of graduate into being like a massive rock band whereas we wanna graduate like into being a small emo band, if you know what I mean.”

He continued: “It’s not like a where emo ended up sounding  like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy sounding record. There’s definite references to Joan Of Arc and Braid and Mineral… you hear a lot of that on No Rome’s new EP – it’s kind of like an emo record. I played drums on that and we were making that the same time we started ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ so it does have this kind of like, Midwest kind of sound to it.”

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While the band stormed Coachella, this weekend also saw Healy take to Twitter to promise fans that the album was “coming soon” and teased what looks like artwork for the record.


Speaking to NME about what to expect from the album, their Dirty Hit label boss Jamie Oborne told NME that it was very much “a nighttime record“.

“Matty often gives us these soundbites and they’re always so on the nose,” said Oborne. “It’s going to be brilliant.

“They love rave culture and house music. They’re from that generation of hotboxing in cars and listening to British dance music. You’ll definitely hear that on the record. It’s quite a British record, and what Matty’s talking about is this feeling of ‘the nighttime’. That’s what has stuck.”

In conversation with NME, Healy added: It’s very homely. It’s a lot about home, it’s a lot about mental health, it’s a lot about domesticity. We created ‘A Brief Inquiry’ in the domestic environment that this next record is about. There isn’t a ‘Love It If We Made It’ yet. There isn’t anything like that.”

“When I was making the last record that wasn’t trying to make a particular thing,” Healy told NME, speaking of the pressure he feels to make another acclaimed album. “Of course, at times, I wanted to make [My Bloody Valentine’s]’ ‘Loveless’ of course, or at times I wanted to make ‘OK Computer’ – there were all these types of things. [Coltrane’s] ‘Blue Train’.

“On this record you can hear that at times I want to make my ‘Nebraska’ [Bruce Springsteen’s sparsest album] or I want to make my ‘Immunity’ by Jon Hopkins. I’d like it to be a moment-in-time record like a ‘Nebraska’.”

The 1975 return to the UK to headline Reading & Leeds Festival this August alongside Foo Fighters, Post Malone and Twenty One Pilots.

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