Max Richter shares sweeping new song from ‘Ad Astra’ soundtrack

The composer worked on the score for the new Brad Pitt movie

Composer Max Richter has shared a new song taken from his score to Ad Astra – listen to ‘To The Stars’ below.

Brad Pitt stars in the film which sees his character, Roy McBride, go on a mission into space to discover what happened to his missing father on an expedition 30 years ago.

Richter, who has previously scored films such as Mary Queen Of Scots, Miss Sloane and the ‘Nosedive’ episode of Black Mirror, has now released the track ‘To The Stars’. The sweeping three-and-a-half-minute track features graceful strings and gentle piano. Listen to it below now.


In a statement, the composer said: “This film has been a major endeavour. It’s a heartfelt project from both Brad and James [Gray, director] – who poured everything into it – and meticulously chipped away at the story over years till they were happy.

“I have nothing but admiration for this dedication.”

Ad Astra was released in the UK last week (September 18). In a five-star review, NME said: “It houses a performance that will surely go down as one of Pitt’s career-defining turns: understated, nuanced, emotive […] Rare is the breed of movie that manages to balance cinematic brawn, bluster, heart and brains.

“Yet every single frame of Ad Astra motors along with these things beautifully aligned. The result is something of a masterpiece.”

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