He joins Maximum Overdrive to record track for Prodigy man's solo album...

Ian Brown is working with Maxim on a track for the forthcoming Prodigy man’s solo album, ‘Demons’, which will be released later this year.

In an interview with iD magazine, Brown said that he is also working on a book about his time in prison “to address all the bullshit that’s been written about it.”

“I kept getting strip searched in prison,” he said. “In 21 days I had eight strip searches. each time I had a visitor it meant a strip search and a cell search.”


He also says that the first time he heard the UNKLE single ‘Be There’ was on his cell mate’s radio.

“This guy had six tapes with him,” he said. “And five of them was The Stone Roses.”

Brown‘s first solo album ‘Unfinished Monkey Business’ is released in the US next month and he will be touring there as well as working on the follow up.

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