Plus Liam Howlett to DJ at Volkswagen beetle convention...

Prodigy’s MC Maxim releases his debut solo material on July 26, the first member of the band to venture out on his own.

Maxim, who’s now ditched his ‘Reality’ surname, has been working on his ‘My Web EP’ since last year.

It features five tracks, ‘Pissed’, ‘My Web’, ‘My Web (Instrumental)’, ‘Sin City’ and ‘Paranoid’, which is not a Black Sabbath cover.


“It’s great stuff,” his spokesman said. “Obviously, it’s going to be difficult for him not to be influenced by the Prodigy, but it’s much more low-slung and meaty. It’s quite dark and underground sounding too.”

He added that Maxim had also veered away from rapping and had instead messed around with his vocals, sampling them and treating them.

The spokesman said: “The band like what he’s done so far and they’ve been encouraging. But he’s determined for it to be his own thing.”

Another single will be released before Maxim‘s debut solo album, which will be out later in the year. At present, a number of “very interesting” collaborations were being negotiated, his spokesman said, though he refused to divulge any further information. A spokesman for the band also put paid to rumours that the Prodigy had split up.

He groaned: “There’s always this kind of talk as soon as no-one’s heard from the band for a while. But they’re still together and they will be back with new stuff when they’re good and ready.”

Prodigy fans can catch a DJ set from Liam Howlett at this year’s Bug Jam, a festival dedicated to fans of classic Volkswagen cars.


Howlett will share the decks with 35 DJs at the event, held at Santa Pod Raceway, Bedfordshire, from July 23-25.

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