Maximo Park to head into studio

The band will start work after ShockWaves NME Awards tour

Maximo Park have revealed that they will head into the studio following their upcoming ShockWaves NME Awards Tour.

The band could be forgiven for not thinking about working on the follow up to last year’s debut ‘Apply Some Pressure’, however frontman Paul Smith is adamant the group will make a rapid return to the control room after concluding their dates.

“It would be easy to keep touring,” says Smith. “Our success to whatever level has been quite steady, there’s not been too much hype surrounding us and it would be very easy to keep growing and see how far we can push it.”

However the band are in fact itching to get the bank of new material they’ve steadily generated down on tape.

“We’ve been playing these songs for the last three years of our lives and we’ve written a ton of new songs that we want to play and release. So we’ll start recording our next album in the spring after the NME tour,” says Smith.

“We’ve evolved sound-wise and I think when a band stop being creative and just try flogging what they’ve got that can be dangerous, so rather than the possibility of falling into that trap we’re go into the studio to replenish our creative energy,” he added.

After Paul Epworth produced the band’s debut ‘A Certain Trigger’, Maximo Park are aiming to recruit a new producer in order to expand the number of ideas and influences they’re exposed to.

“It’s nice to draw on new things and make sure you don’t become complacent,” says Smith.

Currently Maximo Park have several new songs they are currently considering the record – several of which will get an airing on the ShockWaves NME Awards Tour 2006, including the singer’s current favourite entitled ‘Nosebleed’.

“It’s quite a emotional song,” Smith explains. “We’ve been playing in Europe and it’s finally found itself a form. It was a bit ramshackle but we’ve finally got round to giving it a very powerful overhaul, so I think people can look forward to ‘Nosebleed’.”

Despite holing up in a studio for the spring, Maximo Park’s frontman insists his band will not disappear for too long.

“I think when a band stop being creative and just try flogging what they’ve got that can be dangerous,” explains Smith. “But then we’re going to get our there with new songs, probably play the festivals and make these new songs festival anthems.”

The ShockWaves NME Awards Tour, which also features Arctic Monkeys, Mystery Jets and We Are Scientists kicks off on January 24 at the Dublin Ambassador.