Maximo Park’s Paul Smith: ‘I’d have gone mad if I hadn’t put my solo record out’ – video

The band also give their feelings on whether guitar music is dying

Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith has revealed that he would have most likely “gone mad” if he hadn’t released a solo album during the band’s break.

The band release their fourth album, ‘The National Health’, on June 11. It was recorded with Pixies and Foo Fighters producer Gil Norton.

Speaking to NME in a video which you can see at the top of your screen, Smith said that if he hadn’t gone out on his own with his solo LP ‘Margins’ in 2010, he would “have gone mad”.

Speaking about this, he said: “Having time off was essential. If I hadn’t put my own record out I would have gone mad, I had loads of songs that were stacking up and they were quite different from Maximo Park and I thought ‘I really want to put these out and go and play them to people’. We all had things to do in our own lives.”

Then asked about the record, keyboard player Lukas Wooller said: “We spent a lot more time writing this record, we did quite a lot of soul-searching. Having gone through that process and be still talking to each other, I think we’ve realised what makes the songs quintessentially us.”

Wooller also gave his views on the state of guitar music and joked that the genre was “dead” and that young musicians should “give up”.

Asked about this, he said: “2012, guitar music’s dead guys, give up. I think it boils down to what gets played on the radio, but the radio is not the be all and end all. The guitar is so intuitive, it allows people to write music who aren’t classically trained. The guitar’s not going to die, don’t worry.”

Maximo Park will play three intimate UK dates in Manchester, London and Birmingham next month.