Maximo Park singer Paul Smith working on two solo albums

Paul Smith working on projects with Field Music and Kathryn Williams

Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith is working on two albums away from the band, including one with Peter Brewis of Field Music.

One of the albums is based on Smith’s travel writing, while the other is a studio recording of a piece he composed for the Great North Run.

Smith, who recently released new album ‘Too Much Information’ with Maximo Park and will tour with the band later this year, told NME: “I’m always looking for things to work on. You never feel like you’ve enough time to do it all.”


‘Frozen By Sight’, based on Smith’s unpublished travel journals, is a 40-minute piece originally performed at Festival Of The North East in June 2013 at Gateshead Sage. It was written with Brewis, whose band engineered five songs on Maximo Park’s current album ‘Too Much Information’. Smith said: “Peter and I have recorded the strings for the album version, and I did the vocals on a day off. You won’t find me in the studio on many Sundays.”

Smith is also recording the studio version of the half-hour work ‘A Mind Full Of Nothing But Continue’. Commissioned by the organisers of the Great North Run, Smith performed the piece with choral ensemble Mouthful last September, also at Gateshead Sage. Smith said: “I’m seeing when I can get Mouthful in the studio with me.”

In addition to these albums, Smith wants to start a project with folk singer Kathryn Williams. He said: “Kathryn’s husband Neil runs a café. We want to sit in the café and write about the people who go past or come in. It would be interesting to see if our voices can work together.”

Smith said the projects help his work with Maximo Park. He said: “It reinvigorates my love for the band. I just make music in many different ways. You should just do what you feel.”