Maximo Park speak from studio

The band record 20 tracks for new LP

Maximo Park have revealed further details of their forthcoming second album.

The Newcastle four-piece have recorded 20 tracks with Pixies produceer Gil Norton which they are planning to cut down to 13 for the follow-up to ‘A Certain Trigger’.

Singer Paul Smith says the band’s second record will be “bigger” than their debut.


He told Billboard: “We had about 20 songs and a three-week period with [Norton] where we went into a studio in Newcastle and played the songs over again and made some adjustments. You need an extra pair of ears because on the first album we played those songs for a year and a half before we even recorded it and you could go, ‘Oh that’s no good, I’m sick of that.’ [This time around] we just don’t have that.”

Songs slated to appear in the as-yet-untitled album include ‘Girls Who Play Guitars’ and ‘Nosebleed’.

“We kind of realised they were a bit different to the songs on ‘A Certain Trigger’. [That album] had this concise, emotional pop and these two songs seemed to take it to another level,” he added.

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