Maximo Park debut new tracks in London

Band plea to save Astoria at Shockwaves NME Awards Show

Maximo Park showcased seven new songs at their Shockwaves NME Awards Show tonight (February 21).

The Geordie five-piece blasted through a 65 minute set for the band’s first ever performance at the London Astoria by debuting a series of new tracks from their second album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’.

Singer Paul Smith who arrived onstage dressed in a black bowler hat and suit, jumped straight into new track ‘Girls Who Play Guitars’ before going on to perform ‘Russian Literature’, ‘By The Monument’, ‘Nosebleed’, ‘Books From Boxes’ ‘The Unshockable’ and new single ‘Our Velocity’.

Like The Long Blondes the previous night, Smith made a plea to save the the threatened venue when a member of the crowd threw a flyer onstage which said, ‘Save The Astoria’.

“There you go,” he told the audience. “This is something worth fighting for it seems,” before he launched into ‘Kiss You Better’.

The biggest cheers of the night were reserved for old favourites ‘Apply Some Pressure’, ‘Graffiti’ and ‘Going Missing’.

Keyboardist Lukas Wooller also made a special birthday tribute to guitarist Duncan Lloyd and he dedicated new track ‘The Unshockable’ to a fan in the crowd who was also celebrating their 21st birthday.

Earlier ‘Blood Red Shoes’ kicked off the evening with a blistering set, followed by Hot Club De Paris.

Then New York eight-piece !!! tore through a funky 40 minute set which saw singer Nic Offer go into the heart of the crowd and start a mosh pit.

Maximo Park performed:

‘Girls Who Play Guitars’

‘The Coast Is Always Changing’

‘Our Velocity’

‘Postcard Of A Painting’

‘Russian Literature’

‘Once, A Glimpse’

‘Books From Boxes’

‘Kiss You Better’

‘Distance Makes’

‘The Night I Lost My Head’

‘By The Monument’

‘Apply Some Pressure’




‘The Unshockable’

‘Going Missing’