But it will be under a new name - kick out the jams and all that, eh?...

MC5 have unveiled plans for a world tour under their new name MC5/DKT .

The new name denotes the three members of the band, Michael Davis, Wayne Kramer, and Dennis Thompson.

The tour will coincide with the release of the band’s DVD ‘Sonic Revolution: A Celebration of the MC5’, which charts the band’s success. The film also includes footage of the band’s 2003 London 100 Club gig, which featured guest appearances from artists such as Motorhead‘s Lemmy.


The band also made news today (April 22), as bandmemberWayne Kramer has stopped the release of the movie ‘MC5: A True Testimonial’, insisting he has not been credited properly.

The film, which was scheduled for a May 4 release, has now been put back indefinitely after Kramer insists he should have been credited with the role of music producer.

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