Wayne Kramer says corporate sponsorship is now a reality...

Surviving MC5 guitarist WAYNE KRAMER has defended his decision to reform the DETROIT garage rockers at a LEVIS sponsored gig in LONDON last week.

Many MC5 fans were unhappy to see the band promoting a Levis MC5 line of clothing at the 100 Club on March 13.

On Kramer’s website, [url=], fans slammed Kramer for “rolling in the bucks” and just “playing to the music industry”.


However, Kramer said corporate sponsorship for gigs is now a reality.

He said: “Moving musicians around the world, recording, promoting and distributing records and all related activities is an expensive undertaking.

“In the past, record companies covered the cost of much of this, but that’s not the case today.

“If you don’t fit into the mega-hit formula of MTV you must find alternative ways to get to your audience,” he added.

Kramer performed classic MC5 rockers such as ‘Kick Out the Jams’ and ‘Skunk (Sonically Speaking)’ with other surviving members, Michael Davis and Dennis Thompson.

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frontman Ian Astbury and The Damned’s Dave Vanian also appeared.

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