'The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler: Vol.2' is set for release in late summer...

McAlmont & Butler‘s second album is titled ‘THE SOUND OF McALMONT & BUTLER: VOL.2’, and will be released in the late summer.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the pair returned to the studio last year, six years after the flamboyant vocalist vowed they wouldn’t work together again.

Originally formed shortly after Bernard Butler left Suede in 1994, they recorded enough music for an album titled ‘The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler’, which was released via Hut and contained the hit singles ‘Yes’ and ‘You Do’.

Now, writing to fans via his official website, Bernard Butler said that the pair are working “fairly diligently and lovingly” on ‘The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler: Vol.2’, which is likely to be released via EMI in late summer. Live dates will follow the release.

He wrote: “I have been working fairly intensively for the last few months on ‘The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler: Vol.2’ with David McAlmont. We have been recording in various set-ups and piecing things together fairly diligently and lovingly. It feels very uplifting, colourful and eclectic.

“We are both very fond of what we have written this time as an entire record and we’re excited by people being able to hear it soon too. We want to play live as soon as the record is finished so you can hear the songs too.”

The last time the pair worked together, they went their separate ways after the record’s completion, and engaged in a war of words via the UK music press.

In an NME interview in October 1995, McAlmont said he thought Bernard Butler found him “irritating” and blamed their demise on a lack of communication. McAlmont then apologised in a later issue of NME, saying his comments were “vicious and thoughtless”, while Butler played down the rift.