The pair reunite six years after a bitter war of words signalled the end of their partnership after just one album...

BERNARD BUTLER and DAVID McALMONT have returned to the studio, six years after the flamboyant vocalist vowed they wouldn’t work together again.

The duo originally formed shortly after Butler left Suede in 1994, and recorded enough music for an album titled ‘The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler’, which was released via Hut and contained the hit singles ‘Yes’ and ‘You Do’.

However, the pair went their separate ways after the record’s completion, and engaged in a war of words via the UK music press.

In an NME interview in October 1995, McAlmont said he thought Butler found him “irritating” and blamed their demise on a lack of communication.

He said: “We won’t be making another record together… Bernard and I don’t have a working relationship anymore. Or any other kind of relationship…

“We can talk about music and nothing else. There are pregnant silences when we are together. It’s embarrassing. We understand each other musically and that’s about it. I can’t deal with that amount of emotional distress. He speaks about music with ease; with any other topic he’s quite inadequate…

Bernard seems to find me irritating and perhaps I am, but I think all he wanted of me was my voice. He didn’t want everything and he didn’t have the decency to say so upfront.”

McAlmont apologised in a later issue of NME, saying his comments were “vicious and thoughtless”, while Butler played down the rift, saying: “David‘s a singer and I write songs. We worked together and then we moved on to other things….people are always making out that Bernard‘s the bad guy! I’m getting very used to all this.”

However, the duo have been seen out socially in recent months and have retired to an undisclosed London studio to work on material.

A website has been constructed at [url=], which simply states ‘Yes’.

Although in the early stages, the duo are actively searching for a record deal, with a view to a new release either later in the year or at the start of 2002.