McDonald’s says BTS Meal played a “significant” role in recent sales surge

The fast food chain said the BTS Meal also "drove visits to our restaurants"

McDonald’s has cited the BTS Meal as a reason for a jump in sales in its stores over the past quarter.

Yesterday (July 28), the fast food chain reported same-store sales had jumped by 25.9 per cent in the past quarter ending June 30, per CNBC. It also added that sales grew by 14.9 per cent compared to the same period in 2019, before the pandemic hit.

McDonald’s attributed its jumps in sales to the launch of the BTS Meal along with the new crispy chicken sandwich. “The BTS Meal drove visits to our restaurants and significant lifts in Chicken McNugget sales – one of our core menu items,” McDonald’s said, per Nasdaq


Aside from the US, the BTS Meal has also helped boost McDonald’s sales internationally. Last month, South Korean news outlet The Fact noted that the BTS Meal had caused sales of NcNuggets to skyrocket, with the daily average increasing by 250 per cent in the four weeks after launch.

Meanwhile, Business Insider previously reported that restaurant visits to McDonald’s in the US had been up by 12 per cent over the first seven days of release, outperforming the popular Travis Scott meal in 2020, which increased traffic by 9 per cent.

The BTS Meal, which was created in partnership with McDonald’s, consists of a Coke, medium fries, 10 Chicken McNuggets and new limited-edition chilli and sweet cajun sauces. The items were said to be “picked by BTS and inspired by McDonald’s South Korea”.