McFly’s Harry Judd says fans ‘hated’ pop supergroup McBusted

McFly and Busted formed pop supergroup in 2013

McFly drummer Harry Judd has claimed that his group’s fans “hated” their collaboration with Busted.

The pop band teamed up with Busted members Matt Willis and James Bourne to form the McBusted supergroup in 2013. They embarked on a tour and released their self-titled debut in December 2014, before going on hiatus.

With singer Charlie Simpson recently rejoining Busted for a reunion album, Judd has now explained how McBusted went their separate ways.


Speaking to Metro, Judd said: “The McBusted thing was a huge success, but it quietly fizzled out. We’re all quite polite and none of us likes confrontation. The last show happened and it was like ‘OK, bye!’ We knew it, but it was unspoken. We were cool with it.”

Judd continued: “It’s been a while since we have just been McFly and a lot of out fans are frustrated. Although McBusted has been a success, a lot of McFly fans were like, ‘I hate McBusted!'”


Busted have announced plans to release their first album in 13 years. ‘Night Driver’ was recorded in LA with the reunited trio and is released in the UK on November 11 via East/West Records, a division of major label Warner Music Group.

They recently released their first single in 12 years, a synthpop track called ‘Coming Home’.