Meat Loaf is now on a diet and fitness regime following collapse

"I didn’t want to stand there until I just fainted and cracked my skull open"

Meat Loaf has signed up to a diet and fitness regime following his collapse on stage during a gig in Canada on June 16.

The US singer – real name Marvin Lee Aday – was playing a concert in Edmonton, Alberta when the incident occurred. He had previously cancelled shows in Moose Jaw and Calgary earlier in the week due to illness.

Video footage sees the star fall to the floor during a performance of ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’. Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine, Meat Loaf gave an update, stating: “I’m okay. Weak. I’ve gotta go to physical therapy. I had back surgery and knee surgery within the last two years, and the knee surgery failed, so I haven’t been able to work out on tour.”

The singer continued to explain that he is now on a diet and has “lost getting close to 20 pounds now.” He plans to lose another 15 before his promo in the UK. “So we’re trying to watch out for my health and make it easier onstage.”

Meat Loaf said that he had been feeling unwell before the gig in Canada and had been drinking Pedialytes, an electrolyte solution in a bid to enable himself to perform.

“We were doing really well in Canada, until I got sick and I got dehydrated and then I had to drink what they call Pedialytes – gallons of them,” he revealed.

“I knew I was about to go and I didn’t want to just fall and hit. I was getting really dizzy and I’m going, ‘Oh my god, I think I’m gonna faint.’ So I didn’t want to stand there until I just fainted and cracked my skull open.” He then added “So I just said, ‘Okay, I’m going to kinda go down.’ But about half-way down I went completely out, and I didn’t wake up until I got to the hospital.”