Meat Loaf collapses onstage after suffering ‘asthma attack’ – video

But 'Bat Out Of Hell' singer was soon well enough to continue after fainting

Meat Loaf collapsed onstage during a gig in Pittsburgh on Thursday (July 28) – but managed to carry on with the show after being revived by crew members.

The ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ singer was left flat on his back after fainting during his gig at the Amphitheatre At Station Square – scroll down and click below to see the drama unfold.

After being helped to his feet, the 63-year-old implied he had suffered an asthma attack, commenting:

I fucking fainted. I have asthma, I can’t breathe. And then – oh wait, I forgot – I got poked by a pin and bled half to death and then I got slapped in the face and my tooth is loose.

Meat Loaf is due to continue his ‘Guilty Pleasures’ tour at the Quik Chek Festival Of Ballooning in Redington tonight (31) before the jaunt moves on to Australia in October.

His latest studio album, ‘Hang Cool Teddy Bear’, was released last year.