Meek Mill’s lawyers have launched a Supreme Court bid to secure his freedom

Free Meek Mill...

Meek Mill‘s lawyers have launched a bid to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court to secure his bail as they fight his sentence for probation violation.

Legal representatives for the star filed documents on Monday to request the release of the star after he was ordered to serve between two and four years for violating the terms of his probation in a 2008 firearms offence.

The rapper has constantly challenged the divisive ruling, and received a significant breakthrough last week when prosecutors confirmed they would not block another attempt for bail.

Their decision comes after the officer who originally arrested Meek was reportedly caught up in a corruption scandal, where he stands accused of lying under oath to put the rapper in jail.

Prosecutors have also said that there is a “strong likelihood” of Meek’s original conviction being overturned, which would secure his release.

Although Mill is yet to directly comment on the latest Supreme Court bid, he delivered his first prison interview with Rolling Stone magazine last week where he revealed his plans to  campaign against unfair treatment by the justice system when he is released.

“There’s brothers locked down that did nothing to be here but p**s off people like (Judge Genece) Brinkley,” he said.

“I want to speak on this system and what it does to black people – on both f**king sides of the fence.”

Despite their apparent differences, Drake supported Meek Mill’s bid for freedom last year.

Upon noticing a fan in a ‘Free Meek Mill’ t-shirt at show in Australia, Drake replied: “Free Meek Mill. You right.”