Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: ‘Bands who give away music are stupid’

Letting fans download your material for free “is careless”, says guitarist

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has criticised bands who give away their music for free, calling them “careless” and “stupid”.

Mustaine, who played with Metallica before forming Megadeth in 1983, also claimed that the music industry was capable of fixing its problems.

Speaking to the Brandon Sun, Mustaine said: “I think the record business is just like anything else – it’s going to regulate itself. It’s going to correct itself. The problem is that all the pigs were there with their hands on the steering wheel. They got what they deserved.”

He then went on to attack musicians who gave away their work for free, and suggested that the length of their careers would be limited as a result.

“Musicians who say they don’t care, that they’d give it [music] away for free, are stupid,” he added. “They’ve never been hungry.

“If you’re going out there and being careless, and just letting your songs be downloaded for free, it’s probably going to reflect in your longevity.”

Megadeth will be re-releasing their classic album ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’ on July 11 to mark the 25th anniversary of its original release. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will contribute liner notes for the remastered version. The band will also play at this year’s Sonisphere Fesitval on July 8.