After Megadeth are refused work permits for being "unsuitable", the government announces plans to scrutinise all artists before allowing them in the country...

Foreign bands wishing to perform in MALAYSIA are to face tough new measures before being allowed into the country.

According to the local Straits Times newspaper, bands from outside of Malaysia are to have their status vetted before being allowed into the country, so as to help reduce problems in society.

As part of the new measures, groups are expected to submit videotapes of their performance for scrutiny by ministers and the police.

Speaking about the regulations, Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said: “It is not our intention to keep rock groups out of Malaysia”.

Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah added: “Our intention should not be misconstrued, as all we want is for good shows to be held here… not shows that indirectly have a negative impact and that do not bring any benefit to anyone.”

As recently reported on NME.COM, Megadeth have been banned from performing in the country and their new album ‘The World Needs A Hero’ removed from record store shelves after the country’s government branded their imagery unsuitable.

The group were due to appear at the Warp Club in Kuala Lumpur on August 2, but the band and their crew were refused work permits.