And the metal band's new album is removed from record store shelves after the country's government brands the imagery unsuitable...

MEGADETH have been banned from performing in MALAYSIA and their new album ‘THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO’ removed from record store shelves after the country’s government branded their imagery unsuitable.

According to a statement from their spokesperson yesterday (July 23), the rockers, who were due to appear at the Warp Club in Kuala Lumpur on August 2, Megadeth and their crew were refused work permits, with the authorities specifically taking exception to their skeleton mascot “Vic Rattlehead”. The band were told that they will be arrested if they go ahead and perform in the city and their label, Sanctuary Records banned from shipping copies of the album into Malaysia.

The band’s manager said: “Megadeth is very disappointed that they won’t be able to perform for their fans in Malaysia. I’m sure [the] fans are equally disappointed. Hopefully, the political climate will change so that one day Megadeth may return to play for their fans who have waited a long time to see them in person.”

The band return to their native US in the autumn to tour in support of ‘The World Needs A Hero’.