Dave Mustaine accuses the Guns N'Roses frontman of killing the concept of rock stars...

MEGADETH lead singer DAVE MUSTAINE has taken a shot at resurgent GUNS N’ROSES frontman AXL ROSE, as MEGADETH prepare for a new album release, ‘THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO’, in May.

Mustaine blamed Rose for what he views as the sorry state of current rock frontmen, saying, “I think that the world needs a hero because there are no more rock stars, Axl killed that.”

He added: “What the world needs is an enema, but there are too many assholes in the world to choose from to know where to put the hose, so a hero would be my second choice. It’s kind of hard to find a rhyme for enema.”

‘The World Needs A Hero’ is set for release on May 15 in the US, the first by the veteran metallers for new label Sanctuary Records. It follows last year’s ‘Capitol Punishment’ collection, released to mark their departure from Capitol Records.

Mustaine was also incredibly upbeat about the change saying, “Megadeth has been completely deloused – new label, new management, new road crew – in fact everything has changed.”