Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine says he pissed on a White House bathroom floor

"Fuck you – you think we’re stupid?"

Dave Mustaine has claimed that he once urinated on a bathroom floor in The White House.

The Megadeth frontman told fans on one his band’s ‘Metal Tour Of The Year’ shows over the weekend that he purposefully peed on the floor while visiting the US presidential residence and offices in 1992 as part of the Rock the Vote campaign.

Discussing his politics and his pride in the metal community, Mustaine told fans at a gig in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday (April 10) that the move was something of a “fuck you”.


He said: “I want you guys to know that I’ve lived through a lot of different eras in the United States and seen different things, and one thing that makes me the most proud of everything here in our country is you guys, the way that you are handling yourselves and the way that…as the metal community [quotes via Blabbermouth].

“There’s a lot of people that go out there and they say things and they totally embarrass themselves. And I want you guys to know how proud I am to represent you,” he said.

“When I went up to The White House, I was so proud to be able to go up there and say, ‘Fuck you – you think we’re stupid? We are not stupid.’ By the way, when I went into The White House, I went into the royal — whatever the fuck it’s called — White House bathroom, and I peed on the floor. I had to. I had to.”

Megadeth are currently on the second leg of their co-headline tour with Lamb Of God (find any remaining tickets here) after a successful 2021 stint.

Earlier this month the two thrash groups released a collaborative version of Megadeth’s 1986 track ‘Wake Up Dead’.


In January Mustaine confirmed that Megadeth’s upcoming new album ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead’, the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Dystopia’, had been delayed once again.

It’s now expected to release this summer, with MetalInjection reporting a tentative July 9 release date.

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