So is she leaving? Are they splitting up? Well, best let her tell you...

MEL C has spoken about her future, declaring: “I’m not walking out on the SPICE GIRLS.”

In today’s edition of The Mirror newspaper (November 30), she says: “Everyone keeps saying I want to quit – and it’s true I’ve had my problems about being a Spice Girl. But it’s something I can handle. What I want to say is that Mel B, Emma and Victoria are my very dear friends and I would never do anything to let them down. We’ve been through a lot together and people don’t realise how close we are.

“I don’t know why everyone says I’m about to leave the Spice Girls. We will have to see what the future brings. We are all friends and we are not about to walk out on each other.”


She also told how she has been hurt by the recent tabloid attacks on her weight gain, her depression and speculation over her sexuality. “I have cried about the things people have said about me…

“Like any woman, I’m not happy that I’ve put on a bit of weight, but no-one has the right to criticise me so unpleasantly about it. Yes I have been depressed and I want to stand up and say ‘I am suffering from depression but it’s all right to be depressed.’

“People seem to forget I’m only 25. I am just a young girl at the end of the day and I just want to get on with my music.”

And she admitted she felt the “girl power” espoused by the Spice Girls in their heyday had waned. She said: “I spent a lot of time trying to give myself self-esteem through dieting and keeping fit – I didn’t want to carry on like that. I wanted to come to terms with what I really am – not some image of what I think I ought to be.”


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