Spice Girl under 24-hour security surveillance...

MELANIE C is under police protection after being the target of a sinister death threat.

The Spice Girl received a cassette tape at her London home, part of which said: “This is the day we are both going to die.” Mel is now under 24-hour guard at her #1.5 million flat and is shadowed by an undercover policewoman when she leaves her home, The Mirror reports today.

Mel started receiving threatening and sexually explicit letters last year. She has since seen a man following her and monitoring her movements. A police insider said: “This is a very unpleasant matter and we are taking it very seriously. The tapes are menacing and frightening and we are doing our utmost to find out who is behind them. When we find out, they will be arrested on serious harassment charges.”


Police are also advising bandmate Emma Bunton, who owns a property in the same apartment block, on security matters.


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