Melanie Martinez rape accuser responds to ‘The Voice’ contestant’s denial

Timothy Heller has accused singer Melanie Martinez of rape

The woman accusing former The Voice US contestant Melanie Martinez of rape has responded to the singer’s recent denial of the allegations, saying that Martinez “dug her own grave” with her statement.

Earlier this week (December 4), fellow musician Timothy Heller accused Martinez of rape, claiming that Martinez had performed oral sex on her and penetrated her with a sex toy without her consent.

A day later (December 5), Martinez responded by describing herself as “horrified and saddened” by Heller’s allegations and claiming that the sexual encounter had been consensual. “She never said no to what we chose to do together,” Martinez said of Heller in a statement.

Heller has now spoken to Newsweek, claiming that Martinez got in touch with her after a year of no contact last month when Heller tweeted that she had her “own story of abuse” but was “scared to ruin the [person’s] life”.

According to Heller, Martinez repeatedly tried to phone her and, after being blocked, texted Heller’s boyfriend. Martinez allegedly said that she had a dream about Heller, which inspired her to get in touch, and suggested that Heller should seek the services of a “healer” named Raven.

“Suggesting a healer after I said I might tell my story, saying she dreamt about me, it’s condescending,” Heller said. “What, she’s invested in my well-being all of a sudden? And it has nothing to do with that tweet?”

Responding to Martinez’s rape denial, Heller said: “First of all, I did say ‘no,’ multiple times. But even if I hadn’t, that doesn’t mean I wanted it. She dug her own grave saying, ‘she didn’t say no’. That’s not consent.”

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez

Heller also said that she had reservations over whether to speak out about the alleged abuse, saying: “I think I was invalidating my own experience for so long because she’s not a man… I’ve been reading all the #metoo stories, and though I’m obviously in support of the people coming forward, I wasn’t sure if my story of being assaulted fit.”

“People don’t really talk about this,” Heller continued. “But I know now that assault happens this way all the time. I loved her even after it happened, and I had this sick need to protect her, which I’ve learned is very common for victims of assault, especially those hurt by their family or friends.”

A representative for Martinez told Newsweek that the star “stands by her statement”.

Martinez reached the top six in the third season of The Voice US in 2012. Her debut album ‘Cry Baby’ reached number six in the US charts in 2015.

  • For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.