Auf Der Maur reveals second album details

She's got some old friends in to help out

Melissa Auf Der Maur has revealed details of her second album.

The singer has enlisted the help of old friends for the album, including former Smashing Pumpkins bandmate Billy Corgan and her ex-Tinker colleagues Steve Durand and Jordon Zadorozny.

Auf Der Maur has decided to complete the recording of the as-yet-untitled LP in Ontario with Durand and Zadorozny.

Describing working with the pair, she called them her “oldest friends”. She added: “I went in to innocently make some demos with them, but by the end of (last) summer, I started realising that material was more genuine.”

Recently, the bassist turned singer recorded a song with both Corgan and producer Gavin Brown, and has also revealed working with drummer Vince Nudo has helped the process.

“He is one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen, let alone in Canada,” she told Billboard.

One track expected to make it to the final cut of the album is ‘Out Of Our Minds’.

“That’s a good example of a song that came from an off-time drum-and-bass thing and the guitar came in doing its own thing accidentally,”

Auf Der Maur said. “It was literally jamming. I haven’t jammed since the early ’90s!”

Auf Der Maur’s second record is scheduled for release at the end of the year, though the singer admitted that plans could change.

She concluded: “Who the hell knows? At the very least I’ve got to be on tour. Now that the vision is solidifying, I think I should be able to get it out. I genuinely believe that I have to make this the best it can possibly be, because in many ways I see it as my first real record. The last one was sort of like glorified demos from years before I even made it. It was dated. It was almost like my little baby beginning. Now, this is my much more hard-at-work, mature effort.”