Members of The Boxer Rebellion form new group Big Ideas with filmmaker Ben Lankester

New EP 'The American Dream' comes complete with a short film inspired by the imminent US election

The Boxer Rebellion‘s Nathan Nicholson and Adam Harrison have created new group Big Ideas along with filmmaker Ben Lankester – hear their debut single below.

The new EP, titled ‘The American Dream’, will come out via Absentee Recordings, and Lankester has also created a short film based around the imminent US election for the record’s title track.

Speaking of the new project, Nicholson and Harrison said: “Whilst writing, we had the idea for a song that commented on two realities that exist in the world today. ‘The American Dream’ embodies that drive to improve life for the individual – on the surface, easy to understand… like our song.


“But that short sightedness ignores challenges that can only be solved as a collective. The dream you’re sold, isn’t always the reality you end up paying for.”

Lankester added of the short film: “What I relished about the challenge of creating the video for ’The American Dream’ was the dichotomy between the seemingly breezy surface of the song and the very contemporary dystopian themes running almost hidden underneath.

“Could we push this dark narrative concept as far as we could whilst ensuring the film always worked in service to the music? This was the challenge that was a pleasure to tackle head on.”

The Boxer Rebellion’s last album came in the form of 2018’s ‘Ghost Alive’, which discusses mental health in men.


Prior to the album, the band shared single ‘Love Yourself’, which they told NME was about “loving yourself, accepting your flaws and appreciating your best”.