Menswear tease potential reunion: “Special things are happening this year”

Breathe deeper, Menswe@r fans

Menswear have taken to social media to announce “very special things” this year, leading to speculation that the band could be set to reunite.

If a reunion is on the cards, it would potentially mean the first Menswear performances since lead singer Johnny Dean put together a new line-up for a charity gig in 2013.

The tweet, which is the first from the band’s account since 2016, states that “SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IS HAPPENING IN MENSWE@RLAND” and ends with five instrument emojis representing each band member. See the full post below.


Menswear released their debut album ‘Nuisance’ in 1996, including the hit singles ‘Daydreamer’ and ‘Being Brave’. The band split in 1998 after their second record ‘¡Hay Tiempo!’ failed to secure a UK release.

However, in 2012, a Twitter prank from guitarist Chris Gentry led many people – including frontman Dean himself – to believe that ‘Nuisance’ had finally gone platinum.

BBC 6 Music presenter and former Menswear drummer Matt Everitt also cast doubt on the story being true, telling NME: “To be honest, the idea that ‘Nuisance’ had sold 300,000 copies worldwide seems rather suspect to me, but Twitter appears to be very keen on the idea, so who am I to argue?”

He then joked: “Although now I come to think of it, my annual royalty cheques (approximately £83) would suggest something is amiss here. However, I’m currently expecting our long-delayed Led Zeppelin style reunion at the O2 and 15 CD/DVD/Blu-ray boxset retrospective of our lengthy and critically acclaimed career to become a reality, just in time for Christmas.”